How Smart On Hold Is Your Next Business Solution

On-hold messaging is a service used by businesses and organisations of all sizes, says Wikipedia. And the world is now smaller than ever with communication becoming 24 hours a day necessity. Voicemail has been an integral part of business for many years, but not all companies take it as seriously as they should. Professional voicemail greetings are often the first contact a potential customer will have with a business. It is vital that the correct tone and language is used.

There are some ways to improve a greeting. However, it is vital that the basics are not forgotten. The first task is to ensure the caller knows who they have reached. There should also be a status message which can be changed depending on circumstances. This should tell the caller the reason for not taking the call personally.

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There should also be an instruction for the caller to either leave a message or call back at a time when a human can answer the call. The caller should then be informed of when they might receive a callback. It may be necessary to speak to someone urgently. It is a necessity in modern business to provide alternative contact details in case of emergency. This can prevent any loss of business.

For longer periods of absence such as vacation, it is advisable to record a specific message informing callers of the date of return. There should also be details of an alternative person to contact who can deal with issues when the recipient of the call is away from work. For the most professional sounding message, it is a good idea to write a script in advance and read from it. This ensures a calm and ordered tone while including all the necessary details.

For people who are not confident in doing this, there are some professional services that record messages of all varieties. There are some options for the customer when using a service of this type. Some companies offer the services of actors. They can read from a script supplied by the customer. It is usually possible to choose from a range of people or accents.

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These services also include the writing of voicemail scripts, supplying a finished message on CD or emailed in MP3 format. Many businesses are keen to portray an image that can’t be achieved with their current workforce. In these instances, a voicemail production company provides a convenient solution.

Many companies offer automated online ordering systems. These simply require the customer to submit a series of preferences and a script if required. The message is then recorded by professional actors and uploaded directly to a voicemail number. There are some packages available including many that include multiple voices and music in the background.

A Few Things to Consider

The most important thing that you should include in your voicemail greetings is the information that you would like to hear from your callers. This can be as simple as their name, call back telephone number, and message. You may also want to ask for the best time to call them back, or if they would rather receive an email response from you instead. With regards to clarity, it’s always a good idea to avoid background music unless it’s soft. Additionally, make sure you sift through your inbox and clean out old messages. If your inbox is full, you may miss very important messages.

1 – Include Your Name and Your Company’s Name Your voicemail greeting should always include your name and your company’s name so that callers will know that they have reached the right person and business.

2 – Offer a Skip Greeting Option to Callers

Consider providing your callers Smart on hold with the option of skipping your voicemail greeting, if they’ve heard it recently. With most voicemail office systems, your callers should be able to press the * key to skip your greeting and go directly to voicemail. In your message, you can say press * to skip this greeting to leave a message at the tone.

3 – Provide Referrals; Alternate Contact Information Communications council

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If you are unavailable or on vacation Smart on hold, consider providing the number of a business colleague who can assist your callers. You should also include alternate contact information, whether it’s your email address or cell phone number so that clients can reach you when you’re out of the office.

If you have an iPhone, iPad, or Android you can also use a virtual office mobile app that will allow you to receive calls on these devices. Your callers will hear the same voicemail greeting that’s on your office phone. You can also use the call forwarding feature on your office phone to ensure that callers can reach you regardless of what device you may be using.

It is also possible to have multiple voicemail messages ready which can be automatically played depending on the caller. This means existing customers with recognised phone numbers will be played a specific message. New customers and unknown numbers will be played an entirely different message. This allows a company to set an appropriate tone and pitch to a message Communications Council, depending on the caller.